Class: Principles

Unit: The Ultimate Gift

TEKS: (A)  develop premiere leadership skills and collaborate with others to accomplish organizational goals and objectives through the demonstration of characteristics such as empowerment, risk, communication, focusing on results, decision making, problem solving, investment in individuals, resource use and access, service, listening, coaching, developing others, team development, understanding and appreciating others, enthusiasm, creativity, conviction, mission, courage, focus, principles, change, integrity, values, ethics, humility, perseverance, self-discipline, responsibility, community, diversity, global awareness and knowledge, innovation, intuition, adaptation, lifelong learning, and coachability;

(B)  develop personal growth skills and collaborate with others to accomplish organizational goals and objectives through the demonstration of characteristics such as attitude, exercise, goal setting, planning, self-discipline, sense of balance, persistence, respect, friendship, integrity, morals, values, etiquette, citizenship, cross-cultural awareness, acceptance of change, respect for differences, decision making, principles, dependability, loyalty, trustworthiness, communication, learning, critical thinking, reasoning, creative thinking, problem solving, self-discovery, coping, friendship, self-reliance, sense of balance, empathy, compassion, ethics, coping, courage, and self-image or worth;

(C)  identify opportunities for leadership development and personal growth;

(D)  demonstrate democratic principles in conducting effective meetings;

(E)  describe team dynamics; and

(F)  describe the development of organizational vision, mission, and goals through strategic planning processes.

Warm Up-
Monday- Wednesday:  Watch the Ultimate Gift
Thursday-  Class discussion over the Ultimate Gift
Friday:  Essay over the Ultimate Gift
Monday-  No practice
Tuesday-  With your group discuss of the gifts we have discussed which is the most important and why?  Please create a poster board explaining your gift.
Wednesday-  “Ultimate Gift Movie”
Thursday-  Essay outline
Friday-  Sub Essay

1/23- 1/27


Class:  P.A.F.N.R

Unit:  College and Career Readiness

TEKS:  (1)  The student learns the employability characteristics of a successful employee. The student is expected to:

(A)  identify career development and entrepreneurship opportunities in the field of agriculture, food, and natural resources, including how to search for and obtain employment, what qualifications are required for varying career fields, and how to advance in a position;

(B)  identify careers in agriculture, food, and natural resources with required aptitudes in science, mathematics, language arts, and social studies;

(C)  apply competencies related to resources, information, interpersonal skills, problem solving, critical thinking, and systems of operation in agriculture, food, and natural resources;

(D)  demonstrate knowledge of personal and occupational safety, health, and first-aid policy in the workplace;

(E)  develop response plans to emergency situations; and

(F)  identify employers’ expectations, including appropriate work habits, ethical conduct, legal responsibilities, and good citizenship skills.

(2)  The student develops a supervised agriculture experience program as it relates to agriculture, food, and natural resources. The student is expected to:

(A)  plan, propose, conduct, and evaluate entrepreneurship; placement; exploratory; research, either experimental or analytical; improvement; supplementary; laboratory-based; or other identified, supervised agricultural experience as an experiential learning activity;

(B)  apply proper record-keeping skills as they relate to the supervised agricultural experience;

(C)  design and use a customized record-keeping system for the individual supervised agricultural experience;

(D)  participate in youth leadership opportunities to create a well-rounded-experience program in agriculture; and

(E)  produce a challenging approach for a local program of activities in agriculture, food, and natural resources.

Warm Up-
Monday-  Vista College Presentation
Tuesday-  What will be your step 1 in preparing for your SAE.
Wednesday-  Create log in and password for your AET
Thursday-  SUB
Friday-  Find something new in AET
Monday- Vista College
Tuesday-  We will talk about picking our SAE’s and talk through being practical.
Wednesday-  AET walk through
Thursday-  Sub
Friday-  AET
Monday- Vista College
Tuesday- Thursday:  AET

Lesson Plans January 2-6


Class:  Principles of Ag

Unit: Supervised Agriculture Experience



Warm Up-

Monday-  Motivation Monday
Tuesday-  Google Question, What does SAE stand for?
Wednesday-  Explain 3 areas where an SAE would be possible in this community
Thursday-  Explain what the word entrepreneurship means
Friday-  Career connections
Monday-  Explain what SAE’s are very briefly.  Have a class discussion over SAE’s available and how to choose attainable SAE’s.
Tuesday-  Begin the What is SAE ppt Lesson 1.
Wednesday and Thursday-  We will do the lesson 2 in the SAE Lessons which is Different types of SAE
Friday-  SAE Review
Monday-  Pick one SAE activity
Tuesday-  Detective Work activity:  Ask students to look at the 3 help wanted ads and figure out the common factor which is EXPERIENCE.  
Wednesday-  Quiz 1
Thursday- Word Ladder

Worksheet #1 for SAE Types
Friday-  Quiz 2


Class:  Principles

Unit: Breeds of Pigs

TEKS: (12)  The student develops technical knowledge and skills related to animal systems. The student is expected to:

(C)  identify breeds and classes of livestock; and

Warm Up-

Monday- Motivation Monday

Tuesday-  TED TALK

Wednesday-  Review

Thursday-  Bonus Questions

Friday-  Name one breed of cattle that you know about


Monday-  We will review all of the pigs we have gone over up to this point.  Key words that need to be reviewed are




Tuesday-  Review for test

Wednesday-  Test

Thursday-  We will discuss bonus questions if necessary and then introduce breeds of cattle starting with vocabulary.

Friday-  Breeds of cattle


Monday-  Using a sheet of computer paper draw an example of a crossbred pig.  Draw what it would look like and then write a ½ page essay explaining the characteristics of that pig.  Students may need the internet to look up further information than what is in their notes.

Tuesday-  Kahoot review game

Wednesday-  Test

Thursday-  KWL chart

Friday-  Breeds of cattle notes sheets


Class: Principles

Unit: Swine

Warm Up-

Monday- Sub

Tuesday-  Write down 3 characteristics of a landrace.

Wednesday-  Write one paragraph explaining the importance of knowing breeds of swine in the livestock industry.

Thursday- Sub

Friday- Motivation


Monday-  Sub

Tuesday-  Powerpoint Landrace- Hampshire

Wednesday-  Powerpoint Hamp-  End of slide

Thursday-  Sub

Friday-  Review for breeds of swine test


Monday-  New Horizons worksheet

Tuesday-  Worksheet

Wednesday-  Matching google forms

Thursday-  New Horizons worksheets

Friday-  Review game

11/7/2016- 11/11/2016

Monday:  Class 1: Distribute the Vocabulary Handout for students to use as reference material. Show slides 1 to 23 of the Livestock Breed Identification: Cattle segment. Distribute the Board Races Activity and allow the remainder of class to complete the Activity.

Tuesday:  Sub

Wednesday: Remind students to use their Vocabulary Handout during the presentation. Show slides 44 to 63 of the Livestock Breed Identification: Cattle segment. Distribute the Cross It Up Project for homework. Allow the remainder of the class for students to work on the Board Race Activity building from Class 1 and to work on the Projects.

Thursday: Remind students to use their Vocabulary Handout during the presentation. Show slides 64 to 81 of the Livestock Breed Identification: Cattle segment. Distribute the Graffiti Review Activity. Give students the remainder of class to complete the Activity.

Friday: Have students turn in the History Report Project. Allow students the remainder of the class to work on the Cross It Up



Class:  Principles of Ag

Week: 8

Unit: Parliamentary Procedure


Monday- Students need to complete the google forms worksheet.  
Tuesday- TED TALK
Wednesday- Explain the motion point of order
Thursday-  What is the most useful motion and why?
Friday-  Catch up on any notes you may have missed this week.  
Monday-  Students will be given information on the google form they will answer today.
Tuesday-  We will discuss point of order and parliamentary inquiry.
Wednesday-  We will discuss previous questions
Thursday-  We will cover appeal and division.
Friday-  We will quickly review every motion we have covered up to this point

  1. Main
  2. Amend
  3. Refer
  4. Point of Order
  5. Lay on Table
  6. Take from Table
  7. Previous Question
  8. Parliamentary Inquiry  
Monday-  Google From
Tuesday-Friday-  Practice by acting out the motions and problems.  



Class: PAFNR

Week: 7

Unit: Parliamentary Procedure


Warm Up-
Monday- Sub
Tuesday-  Explain the difference in a 1st rank ammendment and a 2nd rank ammendment
Wednesday-  What is proper terminology to use when referring a motion to a committee
Thursday- Sub ( New Horizons)
Friday-  Answer the following questions in your journal

  1. What are the pertinent facts of an amendment
  2. What is terminology when stating a main motion.
  3. What are the 3 magic words
Monday-  Sub
Tuesday-  Explain the motion refer.
Wednesday-  We will review the motion to ammend and refer and cover a point of order.  
Thursday- Sub (New Horizons)
Friday-  Go over the motions to lay on the table and take from the table.



Class:  Principles of Agriculture

Week:   6

Unit:  Parliamentary Procedure


Warm Up
Monday-  Tell me 1 time that you can think of when a meeting got out of control?
Tuesday-  Question

  1. What does one tap of the gavel mean?

Wednesday-  What is the purpose of a main motion?
Thursday-  Write down terminology for a

  1. Main Motion
  2. Amendment
  3. Refer

Friday-  What is the purpose of an amendment.

Monday-  We will work on parliamentary basics.  This will include

  • Purpose
  • Tap of Gavel
  • Types of Votes

Tuesday-  We will work on order of business, types of motion, and order of precedence.
Wednesday-  We will learn

  • Main Motion
  • Amendments

Thursday-  We will work on

  • Amendments
  • Refer


We will solve a problem as a class with main motions, amendments, and refer


  • Students will need to take notes
  • We will practice each of these motions as we learn them everyday.  

Wednesday- Quiz

Friday-  Quiz



Warm Up (5 minutes)
Monday-  Write paragraph 5 in your own words.
Tuesday-  Write paragraph 5 2 times
Wednesday- (sub)  Answer the 3 questions in your journal.

  1. Do you believe in less dependence on begging and more power and bargaining.  Why?
  2. What do you think the future of agriculture will look like?
  3. Would E.M. Tiffany the creator of the FFA creed be proud of the industry agriculture has become.  Why?

Thursday-  Fill in the blank.  I believe in _____ from ourselves and respect from others.
Friday-  Explain a time when you have seen an argument get out of hand for a stupid reason.  Explain why it escalated so quickly

Instruction: (15 minutes)
Monday-  Explain to students when the final paragraph is due and answer any questions they may have.  
Tuesday-  Instruct students on the review that they will work on tomorrow and be sure to make sure they know that they will have a test on Thursday after I have returned.
Wednesday- Sub
Thursday-  We will review for the test for 15 minutes and then students will take their test.
Friday-  We will discuss the 1st 2 pages of the Jarrel D. Gray’s parliamentary guide and explain what parliamentary procedure is.  
Monday and Tuesday-  Students will say paragraph 5.
Wednesday-  Students will complete and study the review for test on Thursday.
Thursday-  We will take a test over the FFA creed including fill in the blank test and 3 thought questions which should be answered in an essay format.
Friday-  Chapter 1 in the Jarrel D. Gray workbook.  
Monday-  Students will need to wrap up and be sure to make sure students know that if they can not say the creed by tomorrow it will be considered late.
Tuesday-  Remind students about abscence on Wednesday and remind of test.  Follow up with a few thought questions and example answers.
Wednesday-  Sub
Thursday-  Explain to students that parliamentary procedure will start tomorrow and have students write down on a sheet of paper what they think parliamentary procedure is and turn it in on their way out the door.  
Friday-  Chapter 1 worksheet is their ticket out the door.